Conversion Rate Optimization

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If you’re trying to get more leads, clients or sales, then you could always improve on conversions rates.

Even if its a fraction of a percentage.

What is a conversion rate? Well online, it means when a person goes from point A to point B.

This could be a consumer report with free information in exchange for their name and email.

It could also be just a simple action to move the user from from one page to another.

But more importantly, it can be the action of a sequence that eventually leads into a sale.

At Choice Connect Me, we insure that all campaigns that optimize to their maximum potential using the power of split testing or A/B testing.

This is the process of taking two similar pages and equally distributing the traffic across both to see which one performs better.

Sounds confusing? Not at all, let us help you maximum your ROI and advertising budget with one of our turn-key solutions.